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LUBBOCK, Texas – Connie Scarbrough is a mother, grandmother, friend and fighter, nominated by Carmin Aguierre for all the things she does for others.

“Well, my first thought I think probably was, I don’t deserve this. I’m just a mom. I’m a mom to many that that really is what I am just a mom. It is an honor,” said Connie.

Connie and her husband skip have been married for 42 years, they have four kids but in 1997 they lost their daughter Amy in a car crash.

“I think after the loss of a child i don’t know i read somewhere, you have to get up every day with purpose. And i think that is very much the case after you lose a child you have to hit the floor with the purpose,” said Connie.

That’s when they began taking classes to be foster parents and for the last 20 years they fostered more than 200 kids, adopting 11 of them.

“We have had some of the most wonderful children just for a day, and some for a lifetime, but it is something that i have definitely have a passion about,” said Connie.

She has worked with the Texas Foster Family for 10 years and she hopes to inspire others to help kids in need, and change people’s lives.

“We can break that cycle and make a difference. I work with all of my biological parents to my kids as well, because if they get these kids back i want them to do it right,” said Connie.

In 2019 she had to quit her passion after her cancer diagnosis, Scarborough’s now battling breast and colorectal cancers.

“I skipped three mammograms because i was too busy to take care of myself. Nobody should do that. I am stage four because i skipped three mammograms. Everybody should go get their mammograms,” said Connie.

When COVID-19 hit she had to isolate and quarantine to keep herself safe.

“I’m sick and i know it and you know so you never know what you have left and i’d like to spend it all with my kids and grandkids i think that’s one of the hardest too.” said Connie.

Now using her time to stay healthy and advocating for others to get their annual screenings.

“Foster if you can, if you can’t support a foster family. Send them a deal for a meal one night or go through a class and babysit for them. Not everybody is cut out to be a foster parent but everybody can make a difference,” said Connie.

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