Lubbock, Texas– Ivan Hall was a recent contestant on Bachelorette, Season 16. After graduating from Texas Tech around six years ago and pursuing a career in engineering, he realized he was ready to settle down.

“When you get a random Instagram DM from the Bachelorette you respond,” said Hall who was ready to take this unique journey to find love.

Quickly falling for Tayshia’s vibrant personality, Ivan was quickly able to open up and connect with her on a mutual level. Ivan is both Black and Filipino, and used this platform to acknowledge his struggles as well as those his family endured.

“I know we did have to have some more serious conversations and actually see if this could work,” said Ivan. “In order for myself to really explain who I am, I have to tell the story of my family, how close I am with them and my brother especially because that shaped me in ways like nothing else.”

The one on one date quickly resonated with fans of the show and many more who were able to relate to the sentimental conversations on air.

“It’s almost brought me to tears because I get thousands and thousands of messages of people relating and saying how much they appreciated that conversation,” said Ivan. “It was resoundingly positive and I think it was a testament for the type of conversations that can air on the show.”

Ivan may not have received Tayshia’s final rose, but he did get America’s.

“The show has given me a platform” said Ivan, “and I want to be responsible, take advantage of that, be able to provide for my family and hopefully be able to make a change in the world.”