Trick-or-Treating a year after COVID-19 hit


LUBBOCK, Texas – The pandemic has changed the way many holidays and traditions are done this year, and with Halloween just around the corner, parents and officials spoke out about COVID-19 safety.

“My husband and I are talking about doing is that we’re going to walk around,” Melody Lucoski, a parent, said, ”and then if we see a home and we go up, and there’s a bunch of people crowded, we’re gonna wait.

“And then when we get up there, if someone’s a person handing out candy, if they’re coughing, if there’s sneezing or anything, we’re just going to kind of turn away, and we’re not going to not to be rude.”

Katherine Wells, the director of the Lubbock Health Department, said there’s no worry of transmission.

“We have a lot more information and knowledge about COVID than we did a year ago. But we still want to keep some distance among, you know, groups outside your household.

Wells said even though there is not as much panic in an outdoor setting, she is still concerned about any parties and indoor Halloween festivities.

“Your child can wear a mask or incorporate a mask with their, you know, with their Halloween costume. And again, keep that distancing. And, you know, good hand-washing, when you get back to the house before you start eating that candy, is always a good idea.” Wells said.

She still encourages those in the community to go out and enjoy this outdoor tradition but reminds folks to keep each other safe.

“Make sure your children have a flashlight, everyone watch the road, and be aware of your surroundings,” Wells said.

Wells and Lucoski both encouraged people to go out, trick-or-treat and be with one another.

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