LUBBOCK, Texas — South Plains College Truck Driving School said there is a nationwide shortage of truck drivers.

Jay Warnick of SPC said there are two factors that come into play with the shortage.

According to Warnick, he said misconceptions about driving long distances and not being able to see the family is one of them.

Warnick said, “They think of the old school over-the-road type of driving where you’re gone months at a time. You know, you might pick up a load in California and then you’re taking it all the way to Boston”

The other is how costly the truck driving class is to take.

Warnick said, “We do have some other sources, but it’s just the cost here is $5,995. And so that’s about average and about consistent with this area. And so and that’s just out of pocket.”

But according to Warnick, that is hopefully going to change with Texas House Bill Eight being passed.

Warnick said, “They’re supposedly going to open up financial aid at some point for high demand skilled jobs and truck driving would be one of those. So I’m hopeful that in the very near future we’re going to have financial aid available for students to take the course.”

Warnick explained how there are opportunities to work locally and still have family time.

Warnick said, “There are so many opportunities just within the Lubbock area where you can be home every night. We have there are truck drivers that work in this industry that are home every night with their families having dinner. There are opportunities, several companies where you only drive three days a week, so you’ll be gone 20-24 hours, three days a week, and then you’re home the rest of the time.”

The pay Warnick said is something that increases over a short period of time.

Warnick said, “You can go out to get a job at over $40,000 a year just to start. I can tell you there are a lot of drivers out there that make a six figure salary driving a truck. The demand for truck drivers is just going to be increased over time in Lubbock. And so it’s a great opportunity to get a great job.”