LUBBOCK, Texas — Teddy White, 47, had his toolbox stolen last weekend while at the hospital for his 16-year-old daughter Kynlee, who is battling cancer. But help from the Lubbock community turned that situation around.

White is self-employed to make time for his daughter, which is why he needed his tools. White’s sister said on social media that just one of the pieces in the toolbox was a $1500 saw. Now, due to the generosity of many, he said they would all be replaced.

“It simply gives you hope on the human race,” White said.

White said he was overwhelmed with the text messages but made sure to text anyone that donated to say, “thank you.”

The family returned home from the hospital Friday and hope to start chemo next week for Kynlee.

“Thanks to you guys and my sister, had enough donation to replace everything that was taken,” White said. “I am truly blessed to have so many people care about our story.”