TxDOT reminds Red Raiders of the consequences of drinking and driving


LUBBOCK, Texas — The Texas Department of Transportation and the Texas Department of Public Safety partnered to help bring awareness to a traveling campaign called “Drive Sober. No Regrets.”

The campaign’s goal is to have people understand the consequences of getting behind the wheel. Tuesday, they delivered their message to Texas Tech students.

TXDOT did interactive activities with the students to engage with them. Its campaign includes drunk drivers and survivors of crashes giving their testimonials about what they had to go through.

“We just want to remind them that they have some options. When they’re going to drink, then plan ahead so that they can have a designated driver that has not consumed any alcohol, and somebody that they can trust to ensure that they make it home safe,” Karen Mitchell, traffic safety specialist at the Texas Department of Transportation, said.

Johnny Bures, a Sergeant with the Texas Department of Public Safety, said that bringing awareness to young teenage drivers is important as a DWI is something that people can’t afford.

“With so many options nowadays, it doesn’t make sense to get behind the wheel while you’re impaired or intoxicated. You have so many options out there, from designated driver to Uber to Lyft. So we’re asking young folks and folks of all ages that are dropping motor vehicles, to plan ahead,” Bures said.

Bures said that DPS sees a lot more DWIs and DUIs this time of year.

“Watch out as you’re driving. Watch out for the drivers who may be a ton intoxicated. If you see someone driving like that, make sure that you call your local law enforcement so that we can get those vehicles to stop and try and prevent any crashes that they may be involved in.” Bures said.

Mitchell shared some takeaways for people to think about before getting behind the wheel.

  • Plan ahead
  • Have an option
  • Make sure you’re in a safe environment
  • If you drink, give someone your keys
  • Call an Uber, Lyft, or Cab
  • Talk to your bartender

You can check out the here Drive Sober. No Regrets campaign here.

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