The Lubbock community is mourning the loss of 55-year-old Tanya Jones after an alcohol-related crash.

“It is absolutely heartbreaking to see the families, lives that are affected and what they have to go through,” M.A.D.D. Victims Services Specialist Amanda Eldredge said.

Eldredge deals with victims’ families on a daily basis.

“People can make the choice not to drink and drive, but they aren’t. They continue to drink and drive…they continue to make bad decisions.”

Jones was killed early Sunday morning when police say 24-year-old Maxwell Ezell hit her car from behind.

In January, Jones told about her job as an Uber driver. She said it “felt good knowing [she] was keeping people safe from impulsive decisions.”

“Especially when I get the young people in my car who are going out and having a good time, and maybe not thinking with the experience of an older person…they are more vulnerable to tragic accidents and at this stage in their lives, they could ruin their lives forever if something tragic happens.”

Eldredge said it’s never too late to make a better choice.

“Make a choice. Make a good choice. Every good choice is going to have a good consequence, and a bad choice is going to have a bad consequence…So I encourage you to make a good choice. What you’ve done is in the past, but what you can do is change your future. Change now so that you don’t hurt anyone else in the future.”