LUBBOCK, Texas – Recently Travel Lens released its top ten rank of UFO sightings in the United States, with Texas coming in fourth on the list with 5,805, according to data provided by the National UFO Reporting Center.

Lubbock alone had more than 50 reports of sightings since the NUFORC started tracking them in 1998. If other cities near Lubbock are included, the number rose to 73.  

“There have been almost 5,000 reports worldwide this year and counting, which shows that there is still a very clear belief in UFOs,” a spokesperson from Travel Lens said.

“It’s definitely worth doing some research and visiting these states if you have a real interest in extraterrestrial life,” the spokesperson said.

Other states like California come in at one with 15,457, Florida at two with 7,790, Washington at three with 6,885, with New York rounding out at five with 5,618.

Some Lubbock sightings like one on September 11, 2022 were specific.  It said, “V-shaped object with about 8-10 dim white lights passed southbound directly over Lubbock, Texas.”

Another in August 2021 said, “Saucer shaped craft surrounded by pulsating, expanding and contracting white and green light followed me and wanted me to see it.”

Others were more vague.

A Lubbock sighting in November 2020 said, “I had gone to the kitchen to get a drink of water and noticed that it was bright outside.”

Here is the link of sightings of UFOs in Texas: