UMC to set up special location for anyone coming in with symptoms of COVID-19


LUBBOCK, Texas — University Medical Center on Friday announced it will soon set up a special location for anyone who has potential symptoms of COVID-19 or coronavirus.

“Coming soon: A temporary UMC Fever and Respiratory Clinic, located adjacent to the UMC Emergency Center,” UMC said. “Patients coming to UMC clinics and the EC who have these symptoms will be directed there.”

Director of marketing, Eric Finley, said it is a matter of when, not if coronavirus reaches the Hub City. He said the facilities will be similar to school-type portables.

“We do expect to start at some point to start seeing cases. As the pandmeic spreads across the world, it will eventually get to Lubbock, Texas.”

During Finley’s time with UMC, he said the hospital has not done anything like this, but are doing so to keep their ERs and clinics open to others who may need them.

“Our wait time was 28 hours this week, and that was a lot of people just scared about their symptoms,” Finley said.

Finley said people are already making their way to clinics and ERs, and calling with concerns. Finley encourages people who feel they may have symptoms of coronavirus should visit the MyTeamCareNow app, then a physician will suggest they should visit the clinic.

The clinic will be staffed with nurses and physicians from UMC, with five to six rooms. Located close to the ER and helipad, Finley said the center is in an ideal location. Additionally, Finley said the lot is large enough to accommodate two portables if they need to create separate units for children and adults.

UMC later provided an update and said the the temporary clinic will be up and running by Tuesday. Finley said they want to assure people, they are not expecting a mass casualty event, but are doing so to take precaution.

“It is certainly something to take seriously, but it’s really nothing to panic over,” Finley said.

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The following is information provided by UMC:

  • City of Lubbock Health Department updating local providers on twice weekly calls, will hold press conferences each Monday
  • TESTING IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE! People still must meet specific criteria to be tested- including travel history, symptom presence; more requests for tests are rejected than accepted right now, per CDC guidelines. MUST rule out other causes of respiratory illness before submitting testing – includes flu and strep testing, respiratory panels (including lower respiratory)
  • > 137,000 cases worldwide, U.S. currently with 1,663 with 40 deaths; Texas currently has 28 confirmed cases, majority are travel-related, not community-transmitted; 0 deaths; no confirmed cases in Lubbock County
  • Coming soon: A temporary UMC Fever and Respiratory Clinic, located adjacent to the UMC Emergency Center. Patients coming to UMC clinics and the EC who have these symptoms will be directed there.
  • IMPORTANT: Our Virtual Care service (MyTeamCareNow app) is available! Public is encouraged to use this service instead of coming to clinic. continues ongoing coverage of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) with updates on its impact and vaccination efforts.

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