LUBBOCK, Texas — One Lubbock teacher was invited to speak in Austin at the Texas House of Representatives about student gun violence. As he gave his testimony, the Uvalde school shooting occurred.

Dr. Raymond Xochitlpilli Falcon has a background in education of 23 years and most recently has taught others how to write, research and connect with lawmakers.

With his background he testified on May 24th at the Texas House of Representatives about student gun violence.

“I wrote the Op Ed, talking about how police can be a factor in preventing student gun violence by coming into our schools, talking to where students and showing them about gun safety, but also to de-escalate, confrontations, and talk to at risk kids.” Dr. Falcon, said.

Ironically the same day, the Uvalde shooting happened.

“It was a one in a million chance that somebody could be testifying about student gun violence and a shooting happening just hours before. I wasn’t informed that there was anything happening in Uvalde until after I testified in the house.” Dr. Falcon, said. asked Dr. Falcon for his thoughts about the second deadliest school shooting.

“Well, my thought on that is how do we prevent it from happening. And, of course, to save to have safe schools, teachers, students and staff. We want to go to a school that safe that we know that we’re going to come home.”

While the frustration is there he said he’s seen first hand the increase in student gun violence.

“We’ve seen violence at the malls, we’ve seen violence at the State Fair, we’ve seen violence on the east side, we’ve seen violence amongst neighbors, here in our community. And I’m just trying to bring outreach, trying to bring prevention and trying to help save students lives.” Dr. Falcon said.