LUBBOCK, Texas — When election season rolls around, it seems citizens have a consistent problem with people stealing and vandalizing political campaign signs.

“Vandalism of signs has gone on for years,” said Cole Shooter, Chairman of the Lubbock County Republican Party. “I’ve been involved with the party for about 20 years now, and it’s never stopped.”

Just like years past, campaign signs in Lubbock County are being vandalized and stolen as Nov. 8 gets closer. 

“Election season tends to get intense with emotions,” said Gracie Gomez, Chair of the Lubbock County Democratic Party. “All of us are trying to promote our candidates and our parties. It seems like we do always see an uptick in candidate sign vandalism and theft.”

Shooter said if you want to have your voice heard, messing with campaign signs is not the way to go.

“These things get a little bit heated,” Shooter said. “Abbott voters don’t like Beto, Beto voters don’t like Abbott, and so they feel like they’re achieving something by taking it out on each other’s signs. They’re not. It’s petty, quit.”

Taking down or defacing political signs is a crime in Texas.

Each candidate can have two signs per polling location, and when they’re damaged or stolen, the party will typically just replace them.

“It doesn’t do anything for your cause, or your belief,” Gomez said. “It just creates a positive environment for us in the sense that we’re going to double down on our work and volunteer on behalf of our party and candidates.”

Shooter said the best way to advocate for your side is to go vote and encourage others as well.

“Instead of going and doing things like messing with people’s yard signs, call your friends, tell them to go to the polls,” Shooter said. “That’s going to actually have a difference.”