LUBBOCK, Texas– The 106th South Plains Fair is returning on Friday, September 22nd and the fairgrounds are busy with preparation.

Vendors spent Monday cleaning, painting and prepping food for the large crowd this fair will bring.

Fried Pies Owner, Pat Brimberry says preparation for them doesn’t just start this week they spend all year getting ready.

“We usually make 20,000 [pies], so we have to start in January and make them every day,” Brimberry said. “When we get 4,000 then we take them out to the cold storage, and they keep them all year until the fair.”

Brimberry says these pies have been sold at the fair for over 100 years.

Other than the tradition, the delicious variety of flavors keeps people coming back.

“Apricot we sell twice as many apricots as everything else,” Brimberry said.

New Creation Prison Ministries Chaplain Orlando Tijerina says his fried banana split is becoming a hit every year and he finds joy in serving the community.

“I come to sell food but not only for that. I come so that people can know the ministry is here in this town to help them and their families,” Tijerina said.

Tijerina says the fair is a blessing because all the money raised goes back into his prison ministry to help with books, computers and travel visits.

“During Christmas, we help the guys that are incarcerated,” Tijerina said. “People out here are struggling, families are left alone. Wives are left to fend for themselves and their kids. We try to be there for them.”

Lubbock State Supported Living Center formally known as Lubbock State School is back with three booths.

Director of Community Relations Sandra Anderson says they started preparing three weeks ago, and all the hard work is worth it.

“It helps us with Christmas and the family association makes money off of this as well. We split the profits with them and the work and the expenses,” Anderson said. “Then they use their money to have a huge Christmas Party and they get a Christmas gift for all of the clients for the family Christmas party.”

You can purchase a ticket for the fair online or at the gates.