Lubbock, Texas — A local woman teamed up with the non-profit organization Found, to hold its second blanket drive for West Texas.

Cayla McCabe is the creator of Warmth For West Texas told that she started the blanket drive after she found extra blankets while cleaning her closet.

McCabe said, “I actually contacted Shay Pulley that has found and, you know, just on a whim and said, Hey, what if we partner together and do a blanket drive? Thinking in my mind, it would just be some little blanket drive that didn’t go anywhere.”

That little drive resulted in collecting over 900 blankets.

That was last year’s numbers and this year, she partnered up with Starbucks to have donation boxes at its 13 Lubbock locations and one in Levelland.

McCabe said “this year I’m hoping to double that. This year we’re running it November to December. But I think we’re definitely going to double it this year for sure and have blankets that will serve all the schools here in West Texas and also the shelters, especially when, you know, when it gets really bad, ice storms and everything.”

Once the blankets are all collected, Warmth For West Texas and Found will distribute them to kids and individuals in need, not only for the winter weather but year-round.

McCabe said “everybody wants to help. And it’s just been such an outpouring of love. And we’re so grateful.”