LUBBOCK, Texas — An arrest warrant for murder was released on Wednesday related to the shooting death of Seattle Salazar in the 1600 block of Avenue U. The shooting happened Monday night, police said. The suspect, Tazmin Paul, 21, was arrested Tuesday night, police said.

The warrant said police were called for a report of shots fired. Police found a gunshot victim dead in the southeast corner of the intersection, the warrant said.

The warrant said a witness saw an SUV circling the area before the shooting. The witness heard shots and the SUV never returned after that.

A second witness “provided a sworn statement stating he heard 12 gunshots in the area.” That was followed by three or four more gunshots.

16th and Avenue U (Nexstar/Staff)

Police used surveillance video to track down the SUV. The driver talked to police.

The driver said he picked up Paul from work. The driver told police Paul “kept making claims that someone was following him.”

The warrant said, “[The driver] was traveling west bound and stopped at a stop sign, Tazmin pulled out a pistol and fired several rounds. [The driver] continued westbound, then turned southbound on the next street.”

“He told Tazmin to get out of the vehicle. Tazmin exited the vehicle and walked away in an unknown direction,” the warrant said.

Police found spent shell casings in the SUV that matched shell casings at the scene.

The driver shared text messages with police where he and Paul discussed the shooting, according to the warrant.

Prosecutors requested a bond of $500,000.