WASHINGTON, D.C. (KXAN) — Hours after President Trump signed a $4.6 billion aid package to help the humanitarian crisis at the border, protesters took to the streets of Washington to demand for more protections for migrants.

They say migrant families and children are being treated like animals and want Congress to do more to improve the conditions in detention facilities.

Edgar Aranda with the Virginia Coalition for Latino Organizations says the inhumane conditions reported inside the detention facilities near the southern border are only getting worse, saying:

“Our kids because they are brown, they are treated as animals.”

Texas Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro vowed to launch a congressional investigation after touring the facilities in west Texas on Monday.

He says the $4.6 billion-dollar border funding bill Congress passed last week to help the humanitarian crisis at the border doesn’t do enough to improve the treatment of migrants in U.S. custody.

Congress returns to Washington next week and immigration is once again expected to be on the top of their agenda.