Weather conditions causing an increase of spiders in the South Plains area


LUBBOCK, Texas – With the change in weather and increase in moisture, Lubbock residents are seeing a lot more cobwebs around town.

“We have seen different types of spiders than normal here just over the last few weeks,” said Tim Gafford, Gafford Pest Control President.

Gafford said to make sure if you are moving anything to wear leather gloves to protect yourself.

“The ones to be concerned with of course are black widows and brown recluse,” Gafford said.

If someone is bitten by either one of these spiders, he said the bite will typically swell up and have bloodlines from the bite. If that happens, he said to seek a doctor’s attention immediately.

“Which we have seen probably a little bit more black widow than normal this year,” Gafford said.

Gafford said the spiders will stick around until the weather starts getting below freezing, making them less active.

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