LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock residents were asked to take part in a flood questionnaire survey to better understand flooding issues and to voice their concerns.

According to a press release from the City of Lubbock, the Lubbock Flood Infrastructure Flooding Study Survey would provide information on flooding issues, floodplain management and prevention goals.

“We’ve got a project that’s coordinated with the Texas Water Development Board to do some studying of our Canyon Lake system [and] the Yellow House Straw, which kind of goes all the way back into New Mexico, to see what kind of impacts there are,” said City Engineer Mike Keenum, adding they want input from the public “on where they’ve had drainage issues, flooding issues, how that impacts them, [and] if there’s anything we can do to help resolve that.”

Keenum explained that it’s simple to fill out.

“It’s asking you what city or neighborhood you live in. Have you ever had flood insurance issues or flooding issues? Do you have flood insurance? Really simple things like that; just getting basic information,” Keenum elaborated.

Canyon Lakes is the only river in town, the city said. “We know some of that is not mapped correctly and this study will give us information to take the next step in the future to remap those and more accurately predict where the water is going,” Keenum said.

The survey will be open for six months, the City of Lubbock said, and the responses could impact what future studies are done on the matter.

If you would like to participate in the survey, visit here.

In addition to the survey, the City of Lubbock will be working on computer models and simulations to mimic the reality of “what’s going on with drainage as it hits Lubbock.”