LUBBOCK, Texas – With cold temperatures quickly approaching, it’s important to prepare your home and garden ahead of time to avoid costly damage.

Several gardening centers have already started to bring their outdoor plants inside to prevent damage from the weather, and they recommend gardeners to do the same.

“We do have Tropicals out front of the front porch here that we will be sending to a greenhouse shortly today so that they do get covered and will be warm enough for them,” said Cynthia An Holland, Co-founder of Holland Gardens.

Bringing in outdoor plants can often times bring in insects with them, so Holland Gardens recommends gardeners to pick up insect repellant before they bring the plants in.

“We have to prepare and that means bringing our plants in and in order to do that, we have to think about what we’re going to do. So, when we bring him in, we don’t want to bring insects in, so we have different products that you could spray to prevent the insects and to keep the little eggs from hatching,” said Cindy Pegues, Horticulturist at Holland Gardens. 

Laying a blanket or tarp on flower beds is also recommended as it can protect them from the elements and laying mulch down can add an extra layer of warmth and protection. 

”In order to keep them from actually dying or having too much problems in the wintertime, we’d like to water them when we know it’s going to be really cold so if you’ll go outside and let your little hose down and water really, really well that will help protect the roots at 32 degrees and if it’s 15 or 20 outside that will greatly improve their chances,” said Pegues. 

Pegues says some gardeners have even used the holidays to their advantage, “I’ve heard a lot of people taking Christmas lights that are warm and putting them up in fruit trees and keeping them from freezing that way.”

As for preparing your home, the city of Lubbock recommends families to prepare their homes ahead of the freeze.

They recommend shutting off irrigation systems during freezing events, having outdoor faucets covered with insulated covers, and to trickle water from your home to relieve the pressure if your pipes do freeze up.

For further help in winterizing your home you can email