WOLFFORTH, Texas — Wolfforth resident Scarlett Ramsey’s driveway is a popular spot for neighborhood kids. Ramsey said she often has up to 20 kids playing outside of her house in the evenings.

“We bought the boys a basketball that lights up and the goal lights up and other kids would see it and they’d start asking, ‘hey, can we play?’ And then parents would just start dropping their kids off and we’d have anywhere from 15 to 20 kids in the evening,” said Ramsey.

Ramsey said several kids were playing basketball late at night when she thought police were called for a noise complaint, “My daughter comes right in and goes ‘Mom, the police are out there.’ And I was like, ‘oh no, yeah, it’s 10:30, Y’all probably need to come in.” 

Instead, officers patrolling the neighborhood decided to join in on the game. 

“Our youngest CJ, he came running in saying, ‘I scored him. I got him.’ He just thought it was so cool that he scored against the police officer,’ said Ramsey. 

Ramsey said two other police cars showed up to play basketball. 

“I’m really impressed and thankful that they are creating that atmosphere and that perception for these children,” said Ramsey. 

Rick Scott, Wolfforth Chief of Police said his priority is to hire officers that value the community, “We want our officers and the community both to know that we’re here to support each other. We just want to be part of the community, This is a normal course of business for them. It’s not out of the ordinary; it happens all over town on a daily or weekly basis so we got a good group of guys and gals working here.”