GARZA COUNTY, Texas — A woman was arrested Sunday by the Garza County Sheriff’s Office during a routine traffic stop. During the stop, an officer determined that a warrant had been issued for her arrest amid allegations in 2018 that she ran a puppy mill outside of Post.

The warrant said dogs were held in unhealthy living conditions.

Sheila Denise Proctor, 64, was charged for “Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals.”

In July 2018, reported that 60 dogs were rescued after an anonymous caller lead Garza County sheriffs deputies to them.

Garza County Sheriff Terry Morgan described it in 2018 as a puppy mill.

Sheriff Morgan said a total of 51 Yorkshire Terriers, nine mixed breed dogs, four cats and a bird were all found living in unimaginable conditions.

“The dogs were in the home completely turned loose. They weren’t caged. Some had tumors, some had babies. We found one baby dying,” said Morgan.

He mentioned he saw feces and urine all over the floor and dogs were sliding across the floor.

Morgan said Texas did not have a law about puppy mills, but he said he looked into federal laws and the federal law said it has to be a commercial operation.

“This is a privately owned operation, so it doesn’t follow the guidelines,” he said.

According to court records, Proctor was accused of failing to “provide necessary food, water, care or shelter for animals in her custody.”

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