Lubbock Police were called to University Medical Center Wednesday evening because a man was in the emergency room with “serious injuries” from a stab wound.

“It appeared the male had been stabbed with a knife,” LPD said in a written statement.  A police report said he was stabbed in the back, and he suffered from blood loss. He was rushed into surgery. 

Police believed Cruz Anthony Deleon, 25, was stabbed in a home in the 2000 block of 39th Street.  Police later arrested Milinda Marisa Castro, 28.  The two were described in a police report as common-law married.

Castro told police she was doing dishes when Deleon came up behind her and hit her.  She claimed he dragged her out from the kitchen and threw her off the back porch.  Police did not find injuries consistent with her story, according to the police report.

During a continued argument, the police report said “she launched the knife gently in his direction” by accident.  Police did not believe her story. 

A portion of the police report said:

“[Castro] then advised that she was holding her baby as she knocked the knife off of the counter and into [the victim]. [Castro] was asked if she was doing the dishes or holding her baby and [Castro] advised she was doing both. I asked [Castro] how far away [the victim] was from her when she launched the knife gently in his direction. [Castro] advised that [the victim] was standing by the front door when the knife hit him. Due to the distance between the kitchen sink and there front door, I did not believe it would be plausible for the knife to travel that far and cause that much damage unless it had been picked up and purposely thrown into [the victim’s] direction.”

Castro was held Thursday morning in the Lubbock County Detention Center on a $10,000 bond. 

Police did not have an update on Deleon’s condition.