Woman Hospitalized after Early Morning Fire Destroys Mobile Home in Lubbock County


A Lubbock County woman and her pets are homeless after a fire destroyed their mobile home early Sunday morning.

The fire occurred before 1:30 a.m. at 7301 1st Street, just outside the Lubbock city limits. 

The homeowner, Charla Campbell, told EverythingLubbock.com she was awakened by her pets during the fire. 

“It was horrible because [it happened] when you don’t want anything to ever happen like this, when you’re sleeping,” explained Camille Campbell, Charla’s daughter.”It was around 1a.m. in the morning, one of her neighbors actually came to my home and banged on the door to wake me up.”

Camille explained that her mother was awoken by her dog and struggled for a while to exit her house through the flames. Neighbors said that Charla ran to their house, covered in ashes and burns, where they called 9-1-1.

The West Carlisle Volunteer Fire Department and the Shallowater Fire Department battled the blaze but were unable to save the structure.  

Campbell was transported to University Medical Center for treatment of burns and smoke inhalation. She was discharged Sunday afternoon but advised to be cautious of the damage the smoke inhalation had done.

Camille explained that her mother was badly hurt in the fire, with burns on her forehead, eyelids, hair, lips, and ear. 

Charla Campbell, 52, said that she lost all of her possessions and one of her pets in the fire. While she’s thankful to be alive, she welcomes any donations or forms of assistance. You can help her out at this page.  Camille said she’s also happy to pick up any household items people are willing to donate to her mom.

“She’s looking for a lot of help or support or anything anyone can do because there is nothing that is salvageable,” Camille said. “The pier and beam at the bottom in the middle is buckling and everything is charred. She lost everything, the only thing she walked out with was a shirt and her underwear.”

Charla has lived in the home for decades, it’s where Camille grew up. They shared many fond memories in the home, of Christmas, Super Bowl parties and family birthdays. 

When Charla was discharged from the hospital, Camille took her to see the remains of her former home. 

“When she [first] walked out of the home it was not like that, and for her to come back and see [the damage] it’s eye opening,” Camille said. ” Now she sees why I’m saying I’m so glad she came out alive, because we could have been planning her funeral instead of helping her move on and rebuild.”

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