LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Police arrested a woman after a crash Tuesday at the intersection of 50th Street and Quaker Avenue. A police report said she was involved in a series of three collisions. The police report said the final crash was the result of her intentionally running a red light.

Officials said Danielle Lashawn Trout remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center as of Thursday afternoon on a $15,000 bond with a charge of aggravated assault.

A police report said she was sitting on an EMS gurney when officers arrived. Another crash victim was taken by EMS to University Medical Center with an injury to his arm.

When firefighters responded to the crash, they took the keys out of Trout’s car.

An officer wrote, “I overheard [Trout] state she was involved in two previous accidents prior to this incident.” The dispatch center informed officers that Trout was involved in “two or three” other collisions immediately before the crash at 50th and Quaker.

The officer also wrote, “I observed [Trout] jump off the EMS gurney and approach me. [She] demanded her keys from me.”

The officer gave her the keys but did not tell her he removed the ignition key. She got into her car and tried to leave but could not start the car. Officers pulled her out of the car and put her in handcuffs.

She was quoted in the police report as saying, “I felt a lot of anxiety, and I just needed to go!”

The officer also wrote, “I also heard [Trout] say she was in line at Church’s Chicken drive-thru and the vehicle in front of her wouldn’t move. [Trout] advised she intentionally ran into the vehicle in front of her in the drive-thru line to get the other vehicle to move.”

“[Trout] told [another officer] she was running the red lights intentionally. [Trout] running the red lights on purpose turns a reckless driving incident into an aggravated assault incident,” the police report said.

The police report repeated for emphasis, “[Trout] recklessly drove her vehicle (a deadly weapon) at a high rate of speed and running red lights, with no intention of stopping, collided into [the victim], causing injury.”

A total of four police reports were listed for this series of collisions, but only one was publicly available at the time of this news article. reached out to LPD. As of Thursday afternoon, there were no updates.