LUBBOCK, Texas — A police report made available on Friday provided new details about a shooting incident Wednesday night in Central Lubbock.

Police previously said a woman was driving eastbound along 50th Street near University Avenue. She was shot while driving, police said. She then stopped at the Burger King, 2002 50th Street.

The police report said there were two separate calls in the same general area at the same time. One was for the woman who said she was shot. The other was the sound of shots fired which was called in from the 4900 block of University.

When police responded, an employee of Burger King told officers she was taking an order from a customer when she heard someone banging on the windows. She looked and saw a woman outside who was bleeding from her head. The police report identified her as Jessica Martinez.

Police described the injury as serious but not life-threatening. After the woman was taken to University Medical Center, officers had a chance to talk to her.

She said, before the gunshots, she was stopped at the light at 50th and University. She said two other cars were to her right at the intersection. She accelerated as did the other two cars when the light turned green.

At about the same time as she accelerated, she heard shots and felt a burning sensation. The police report said she suffered a wound to left hand and the left side of her head. The back windshield of her car was “completely shattered.”

As of Friday, there was no update on suspects or charges.