LUBBOCK, Texas — As the region enters severe weather season, Xcel Energy reminded Texans how to prepare for possible electric outages and how to stay safe during storms.

“We continue to invest in the region’s power grid to ensure the highest reliability, but strong winds and lightning from severe storms can still lead to outages,” said Brad Baldridge, Director of Customer and Community Relations for Xcel Energy in New Mexico and Texas.

Xcel Energy said Texans can prepare for possible storm outages by:

  • Having an evacuation plan in the event of long-term outages, especially if caring for disabled family members or small children.
  • Stockpiling nonperishable food items and bottled water.
  • Locating flashlights ahead of time and replacing old batteries.

Texans should always assume an electric line, even one that is on or near the ground, is energized and therefore dangerous. Xcel Energy said a down powerline should never be moved or touched.

After a storm moves through, Texans are reminded to check for damage to the electric service of their home. If the mast and meter box is damaged, a licensed electrician must make repairs before service can be restored.