NFL Draft shaping up to be Music City’s biggest production yet

NFL Draft

Nashville is bracing for its biggest production yet, as the NFL Draft stages are shaping up to be the largest ever in Music City. 

“This is the biggest production that we have ever tackled,” Butch Spyridon President of the NCVC tell News 2.  

We have seen Nashville go big before, Spyridon points to one of the New Year’s Eve stages or the CMA stage inside of the stadium as the closest to what they are about to build. 

“It’s high tech, it’s impactful and if nothing else you will go it is big.”  

Spyridon says the stage on 1st and Broadway will stretch 165 feet wide and stand about 70 feet tall.  

“And the back of the house stage will be just under 500 feet long so media, green room, commissioner’s room, player room, all of that and almost 5,100 square feet of led screens,” he explained.  

Spyridon adds that there will also be as many as 10 screens between the 2 sides of the river, so you can see and hear all of the action.  

“The experience will be, I guess you could say immersive that almost anywhere you go you will be able to see or hear it or both.”  

Not only is it big for Nashville, but next level for the NFL Draft.  

“More screens than they have ever had for any of the draft events,” said Spyridon.  

In typical Nashville fashion, Spyridon promises A-list artists on the bill.  

“We are getting really close to finishing the verbal commitments and then getting it inked. You know until it’s signed then it isn’t real,” he laughs.  

While the musicians are getting finalized, Spyridon says the production is coming together to blow you away.  

“You are going to get a full-on top tier concert production, you are going to get a full-on TV production and you are going to get a once in my lifetime anyway event experience and I always go back to free. That blows me away every time, I love it most for Nashville.” 

The lottery system, which limited the number of NFL fans allowed to attend, has been eliminated for the Nashville NFL Draft. 

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