Remarkable Women finalist: Military wife, mother does it all for 45 years

Remarkable Women

LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock woman was selected as a finalist in Nexstar Media’s Remarkable Women Competition.

Diane Navarro was nominated by her husband, Guadalupe Navarro, for her contributions to the Lubbock community and her role as a military wife.

Diane was born in Florenceville and raised in Abernathy. She said she and her husband were childhood friends.

“My parents and his parents knew each other, and I don’t know…one day cupid hit,” she said.

More than 45 years ago, the couple was married.

“I guess your mom and my mom expected it because they were in cahoots with each other,” Guadalupe said.

In 1973, Guadalupe said he had enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. During his time in the Corps, he said he was deployed to four tours overseas.

“She knew I was in the Marine Corps and she stuck by my side,” Guadalupe said.

During his tours, Diane had to raise two boys on her own.

“I thought it was really hard when he would go overseas,” Diane said.

Even while he was away, Guadalupe said he never doubted his wife.

“It was pretty hard, but most of the time, it was pretty good,” Diane said.

Diane did what she could, living all over the U.S., including South Carolina, Georgia and even Hawaii.

“I was gonna follow him wherever he went so…and like I said we have people,” Diane said. “We used to get together for functions and stuff.”

The family said they dreaded when Guadalupe would deploy, but looked forward to his return. During his time away, Diane took care of everything.

“Finances, everything,” she said. “Anything that went on bad with the vehicle, she’s there.”

The couple finally came back to Texas, but Diane couldn’t sit still. She volunteered with the elderly at a retirement home, and became a grandmother to five girls.

“I loved it,” Diane said. “I loved putting smiles on their face and make them feel good.”

A lifetime devoted to her husband and her country, Guadalupe said Diane helped him tremendously.

“She actually molded me to be a good person as well as stay a marine forever. She’s also a marine wife forever,” Guadalupe said.

Now, Guadalupe is showing that same support to his wife, as she was diagnosed with dementia.

“We’re together, and I told her I’ll be right by her side… there’s nothing wrong,” Guadalupe said.

Guadalupe said at times it is difficult, and Diane will find herself frustrated because she can’t remember as much as she used to.

“If I bring up a subject and she can’t remember, and I’ll take little tidbits and ask her and she’ll remember,” Guadalupe said.

Guadalupe said the couple is doing what they can, just as they did during his deployment.

“She’s a wonderful lady and I love her very much,” Guadalupe said.

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