MINNEAPOLIS (Nexstar) — Tanner Fowler loves chicken. He also loves winning.

Last season, he started a tradition: eating Popeyes chicken before each tournament game. He missed that pre-game meal only once. The team lost to Villanova that night, ending their season.

You’ve probably seen Fowler’s work before. He’s responsible for many of the videos posted to the Texas Tech basketball team’s social media pages in his role as an intern in the athletic department.

He orders the same meal each game day: three tenders, fries, one BBQ sauce, a biscuit, and a Sprite.

“I do take it very seriously, I have not missed a day, I will not miss a day,” Fowler said.

Even on the days when he is not in the mood for chicken, he still orders the meal and has at least one bite.

“Maybe the Popeyes is the key to success, I’m not sure,” Fowler said. “I’m pretty sure it’s coach getting through and grinding every single day and working with this team, but I like to think that my superstition of eating Popeyes every day just kind of helps as a little bit of a motivation boost for myself and for the team just a little bit.”

Other members of the social media team have their own traditions. One of Fowler’s colleagues drinks chocolate milk before each game. Former Chancellor Kent Hance wears a lucky jacket to games.

Fowler said he even thought about buying meals in Lubbock, freezing them, and bring them on the road in case there was no restaurant location in the city where the team was playing. He lucked out this year, and hopes it helps his team in the National Championship.

The Red Raiders face the Virginia Cavaliers in Minneapolis at 8:20 p.m. CDT.