LUBBOCK, Texas – After spending almost 30 years in the military, Felcia Teeter was looking for a new path.

“Football is something that I had wanted to work with athletics and I wasn’t sure in what capacity,” said Teeter. “I wanted to affect young people. I just never thought it was possible.”

So during the height of the pandemic, she decided to take on a new role as an assistant football coach at Estacado high school.

Teeter spent a lot of her life around football. Her son, Henry, is currently a tight end for Texas Tech. She was looking to make an impact in a male-dominated sport.

“I think as women, we always want to think that we’re setting an example for the next year,” said Teeter. “I hope that that’s inspiring to some of them or maybe not that they’re going into football, but maybe something that they have been trepidation about.”

But not only has Teeter inspired young women, she has made an impact on her players as well.

“We love having her around,” said Estacado head coach William Blaylock. “She brings that energy and that motherly aspect that some of our players need, that as a guy, we just can’t give to those kids and it teaches our boys a lot about morals and respect and teaches them something outside of football.”

“I’d like to think that I’m giving them a strong positive female role model where I think a lot of young men don’t always have,” said Teeter.

Teeter has advice for others looking to turn there passion into a career.

“You’re going to find the right people that care about that passion. Those people that don’t support you, those are the people you don’t want to work for anyway,” said Teeter. “If there is something you’re interested in, just keep learning more about it. Keep being focused on it and you just have no idea.”