LUBBOCK, Tex.- Scoring 18 touchdowns, and rushing for nearly 1,300 yards on the season is certainly an amazing feeling. But for Estacado junior running back Bobby Ross, he says those accomplishments come with playing on a great team.

“As for my performance, its excellent. As a team, we’ve been playing as one goal and one heart,” said Ross.

“He takes the recognition all in stride, he knows he’s a big-name kid, he knows he’s the guy everybody’s looking at. But at the same time, it doesn’t go to his head and he just comes to work every day,” said his head coach, William Blaylock.

One person that Bobby says pushes him to be the player he is now, is his younger brother Cedric, who is also an electrifying player for the Matadors.

“You want to lead by example and I feel like he looks up to me and lead him the right way because he ain’t gonna have me after next year so I want to come back and see the improvement he has done from his freshman year to his senior year,” said Ross, of his younger brother.

“It’s easy to see where the character comes from and handling the notoriety. It’s hard being 15, 16-years-old and everybody knows who you are and every week you’re on somebody’s bulletin board, but they compete with each other and push each other. And its great having them on the field at the same time,” said Blaylock.

With Bobby’s goals of playing division one football in sight after next year, he says he’ll get there by his brother, and his entire family pushing him in that direction.

“Just them always being there through the ups and downs and then wanting to take care of them for the rest of their lives after I leave college,” said Ross.

The Estacado Matadors will face the El Paso Bowie in the first round of the playoffs on Friday. Kickoff is set for 6 PM in Pecos.