Two weeks ago, the Lady Raiders controlled a 15-point advantage through three-fourths of the game against TCU, and had the Horned Frogs on the ropes. 

However, a complete meltdown ensued.

Tech allowed a 30-5 TCU run over the final 14 minutes of the game, which resulted in the Lady Raiders’ first home loss of the season.

It was a game the team felt they completely gave away.

“I thought we played really well against TCU until the 26 minute mark, but then we had a meltdown that we really hadn’t seen from this team and learned a lot from that. We had every opportunity to win that game,” Lady Raiders head basketball coach Candi Whitaker said. “Transition defense was why we lost that game. We gave up 21 points in transition. We gave up six straight lay-ups when we were having the meltdown. You know, it’s a matter of getting back, hustling, communicating, making them operate in the half court and then defending them.”

When Whitaker was asked, what’s changed that’s led to the Lady Raiders four-game losing streak?

Her answer was pretty simple. 

“It’s the Big 12. That’s what has changed,” Whitaker said. “The level of competition is the best.”

Throughout the slump it’s become apparent that Texas Tech’s youth has also played a large role, since the Lady Raiders only have one player on the roster who has played more than one season in this league.

If one thing is for sure, the Lady Raiders will need to grow up quickly, or this season could get out of hand in a hurry.

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