Saturday night Texas Tech head basketball coach Chris Beard laid it all out there in truth-telling fashion, following his team’s 84-65 loss to Oklahoma State.
“We’ve got to find a way to take the next step as a program. I told the guys in a lot of ways that we were robbing banks,” Beard said. “We’ve got a lot of money. We win on the buzzer. We win in overtime. We haven’t got caught yet. Tonight we got caught.”
Beard essentially asked his team publicly to put down their press clippings in the midst of a season, that to his standards, has been mediocre at best, and to start playing with the potential they’ve show to finish in the top half of the Big 12 conference.
Easier said than done.
Tech missed out a great opportunity Saturday night to make headway in a competitive conference race. The Red Raiders dropped their first home game of the season against the Cowboys. Missed on stringing together back-to-back Big 12 wins for the first time this season. 
And now they head to the road trying not to waste a chance at another first. A shot at winning their first Big 12 road game this season at #6 Baylor this Wednesday. However, first on the list, is not planning on being able to skate by.
“When you go from good to great. When you try to go from the second half of this league to the first half of this league, there is a lot that comes with that,” Beard said. “Including maturity, and responsibility and understanding that you play every game.”

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