LUBBOCK, TX — The Matador Club, a NIL collective made up of Texas Tech alumni, is signing the entire Texas Tech Football team to “five-figure” NIL deals, the group announced Monday. 

Every member of the football team, from full-scholarship athletes to walk-ons, will be included in the deal. The Matador Club’s goal is to have the players use their name, image, and likeness to support non-profit businesses and charities around the Lubbock community. 

The group was founded by former Texas Tech offensive lineman Cody Campbell, who hopes the collective will promote civic involvement as opposed to product-based endorsement deals.

“This is NIL done the right way,” said Campbell, who donated $25 million in December to renovate the South end zone at Jones AT&T Stadium.

Texas Tech football players will be signing their NIL contracts in Lubbock from July 19-22. This article will be updated as this story continues to develop. For more information on the Matador Club, click here.

UPDATE: 100 members of the Texas tech football team will be given $25,000 each though the Matador Club. Cody Campbell hopes the club will be a “beacon” for other athletic departments going forward.

One of our main objectives here is to be a good example because I think college football as an institution is extremely important,” said Campbell. The impact that it has on so many young men’s lives, the impact it had on my life. And so I want to make sure that in NIL doesn’t ruin it.”

It’s big time because I especially want to be in the community as well,” said Red Raiders quarterback Donovan Smith. “So this just allows us to be in the in the community more just to get to know our people and just connect with everyone.”

Smith said he was working as an Uber Eats driver, but will no longer have to do that thanks to the NIL deal. For other players, the money will help keep them financially stable while at Texas Tech.

“We have guys that have different struggles off the field that people don’t even know about,” said Texas Tech wide receiver Myles Price. “I have a friend on the team who just got in a car wreck, and he didn’t know what he was going to do. He’s non-scholarship. Then this ended up happening it just worked out so perfect. He’s able to get a car now and get to workouts he lives far from the facility so is this is huge.”

The Matador Club hopes to extend its reach into the rest of the athletic department at Texas Tech, including basketball, baseball, and more.

“The Matador Club will sign contracts with basketball players and baseball players to start, “said Campbell. Long run, we want to have every single athlete at Texas Tech, men and women, with a contract.”