LUBBOCK, Texas — Texas and Oklahoma’s departure from the Big 12 has left the conference and its members with a murky future, but Texas Tech Head Football Coach Matt Wells is confident that the school will land on its feet.

“So much is obviously out of my control but the thing I take confidence in is President Schovanec and Kirby are sun up to sundown working on this,” Wells told Friday. “Tech will land in a great spot because of the power of the Double T. It’s a great brand, academically, research institution, all of our athletic programs. We’ll land in a good spot.”

With Texas and Oklahoma out of the picture, the eight remaining Big 12 schools can either stick together to keep the Big 12 alive or leave for another conference.

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby sent a cease and desist letter to ESPN Thursday, claiming that the network has been conspiring with another conference to add Big 12 members to that conference. CBS Sports reported that the conference in question is the American Athletic Conference.