LUBBOCK, Texas — Texas Tech University has what many consider to be one of the most dedicated fan bases in the country, and Red Raider fans took to social media to prove it again Tuesday evening.

TCU Offensive Analyst and Recruiting Coordinator Bryan Carrington started a thread on Twitter criticizing “unique NIL deals.”

This came after the the Matador Club, a NIL collective made up of Texas Tech alumni, announced that it’s signing the entire Texas Tech Football team to “five-figure” NIL deals. 

He wrote, “The reality is that that extra 2k it’s gonna be a concrete ceiling for most players in scarce markets that are oversaturated with 85 scholarship players attempting to ‘build their a brand’ in a desert…”

That tweet ended with a cactus emoji, and Red Raider fans wasted no time embracing it.

Lubbock Mayor Tray Payne responded on social media, “I love Lubbock, Texas.” Even Patrick Mahomes joined in.

Lubbock was listed as “trending” on Twitter Wednesday morning thanks to Red Raider fans flooding the social media platform with the cactus emoji in response to Carrington’s tweet.

The Texas Tech Red Raiders called it “the day Texas Tech broke Twitter.”