LUBBOCK, Texas— With the Texas Tech football season now just weeks away, the question of who will serve as the team’s starting quarterback has been circulating. Head coach Joey McGuire is expected to make his decision just before the first game.

The focus has been on three potential athletes to take on the position, and coach McGuire feels each could win football games, according to reports.

“Now, all eyes are on the three-horse race at quarterback between Tyler Shough, Donovan Smith, and Behren Morton,” Heartland College Sports said. “Both Shough and Smith started last season, showing glimpses of being able to lead Texas Tech’s offense on the field, but McGuire doesn’t want to leave out Morton.”

Each player brings different talents to the table that could benefit the Red Raiders for the 2022-23 season. According to Fan Nation, offensive coordinator Zach Kittley will also help McGuire decide who is the best fit for the starting quarterback.

“Coach Kittley gives us the keys to the car and we do whatever we want,” McGuire said.

Before entering as the head coach for the Red Raiders, McGuire served as head coach for Cedar Hill High School near Dallas, Texas. He is now one of the top recruiters for the Big 12 and has strong ties with the state. This season will show what McGuire produces at the collegiate level, while also creating a team that owns the state in recruiting transfer and high school athletes.

The Red Raiders open the season on September 3 against Murray State at home, and the starting quarterback is expected to be named the week prior to the first game.