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So how delicious will this be? On Sunday, the Cowboys number one offense in total yards against the New England Patriots, number one defense in total yards, but not only number one in total yards, but also number one in points allowed. They’re only giving up an average of ten point eight points a game. Now, Cowboys defensive lineman Michael Bennett knows this team probably better than anybody else since the Cowboys got him from the Patriots this year.

I think it is important to play a very disciplined football against a great team like this. It’s not lot teams who can beat you way they execute every single play. And I think the Patriots are of one of these plays teams where they execute every single play, every single possession, every single goal. Everything is just really good team, really great organization. When it comes down to preparing for teams who just play against, disciplined, football is the best way to compete in the NFL.  

So, what the Patriots do basically on defense is play a lot of linebackers, usually only to deep down defensive linemen. And when I asked Bennett about that, why they can do that so well. He said, number one, Kyle Van Noy is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever been around. Jamie Collins, one of the greatest athletes I’ve been around. Donte Hightower Smart. And then there’s Bill Belichick for the Silver Star Nation. Mickey Spagnola.

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