LITTLEFIELD, Tex.- Whether it’s through the air, or on the ground, Littlefield Wildcat quarterback Chip Green has elevated his team’s performance across the board.

“When we’re all locked in, we all play great, we can get anything done with this team,” said Green.

“When you call a pass, it may not be a pass. If we get pressure back there he does a good job of escaping. But once he tucks it and goes, he can take it to the house at any time,” said Littlefield head football coach Bo Bryant.

Which is exactly what he did on more than one occasion in their game against Stanton. Green threw for three touchdowns, and ran for four more, and accounted for more than 400 yards of total offense.

Even though he’s only a junior, Bryant says Green’s improvement has taken leaps and bounds from where he was a year ago.

“That was something last year as soon as someone would show [up] he would bail on it. That’s something he’s gotten a lot better at this year, staying in the pocket, trusting it and delivering a good football,” said Bryant.

Green won’t take all the credit for his team’s success, he says the Wildcats have showed up every day ready to beat whoever stands in their way.

“It’s different than teams in the past. We have a different relationship in the locker room, and the whole team is locked in on Fridays,” said Green.