Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was inspired by no one other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson during his post-game speech on Sunday following the team’s 23–20 AFC championship win over the Bengals.

After Cincinnati mayor Aftab Pureval smack-talked the Chiefs all week leading up to the matchup, Kelce promptly put him in his place by using one of “The Rock’s” famous terms.

“I’ve got some words for the Cincinnati mayor,” Kelce said during an on-stage interview with Jim Nantz of CBS Sports. “Know your role and shut your mouth, you jabroni!”

Johnson tweeted at Kelce on Monday and sounded honored that the tight end used one of his former WWE quotes on the big stage. “The Rock” actually tweeted at Kelce twice.

“My boy Trav out here cuttin’ Rock promos with the Love it!!” Johnson wrote. “Super bowl bound!!”

“My boy said what he said,” Johnson later tweeted. “I appreciate the venomous ‘shut yo’ over formal ‘shut your.’”

“Jabroni” is a term Johnson coined during his WWE career. It’s a slang term for a “loser,” according to