Just a few days after being announced as the new head coach of the St. John's men’s basketball team, Rick Pitino is hard at work trying to bring some big names to the program. Or in this case, back to the program.

After apparently seeing rapper J. Cole on campus on Wednesday, Pitino took to Twitter to urge the 38-year-old to show face at some Red Storm practices, or even to swing by his office.

"I saw that @JColeNC was on campus today, the Storm is Brewing, need you with us! Stop by the office or practice anytime! I’ll shoot jumpers against u for some Storm lyrics," said Pitino.

Back in his college days, Cole was briefly a walk-on at St. John’s, though he never featured in a game for the Red Storm before departing the program. In addition to his college stint, J. Cole played professionally in the Africa Basketball League and the Canadian Elite Basketball League.

Pitino’s son, Rich Pitino, who is the head coach at New Mexico, weighed in on the situation, utterly befuddled by his father’s social media activity. 

It remains to be seen whether the rapper will take up Pitino on his offer to make some appearances around the basketball program, but the 70-year-old certainly didn’t hold back when dialing up his shot with J. Cole in just his first weeks on campus.