This week KLBK’s The Blitz game of the week is 5-1 Frenship High School Tigers who’s hosting the 6-0 Midland High School Bulldogs. The Tigers are coming off of their first loss of the season, but their lone district loss as well. On the other hand, the Bulldogs are still sitting pretty at the top of the 6A district standings undefeated. 

Frenship and Midland pose different threats when it comes to the offensive side of the ball. The Tigers will throw the ball and utilize quarterback Hudson Hutchson’s skills while Midland will plan to use the clock and tempo to their advantage. 

“I think this is always a really intriguing game because it’s two styles of football that are clashing,” head coach Jay Northcutt said. “They are wanting to run the ball and run the clock and limit our possessions and you know we are wanting to do the exact opposite.”

Coach Fortune and the Bulldogs won their first district game on the road against San Angelo Central and Fortune said while that was a good win to get things going, it all starts back over on Monday. 

“You’ve got to find a way to get a couple of stops,” Fortune said about playing Frenship. “Offensively they are as explosive as anybody around, and so they’ve got great quarterback and great receiver play. They have a scheme they know what they are doing with it from a coaching standpoint.”

Running back Elijah McCoy had over 30 carries for Midland in their last game, and Coach Northcutt knows just how important the time of possession is going to be this week specifically. 

“Well, it’s all about possessions, they are wanting to control our possessions and we are wanting to have a lot of them,” Northcutt said. “And we are wanting to steal some possessions and they are too, whether it’s turnovers or whatever else. So, I think that determines which style or whatever takes the lead.” 

The Tigers style of offense of course has been revolving around what Hutcheson can do and wide receiver Chase Campbell. Last week Hudson had five touchdowns and ran three in himself tying the school record with Donnovan Smith, current Houston Cougars quarterback. 

“Hopefully we get out in front and they are having to scramble to catch up,” Northcutt said, “or if they get their start going then they are eating the clock and limiting the plays we want to run.”