The twins of Texas Tech Volleyball look to make an early impact


Lauren and Lindsey Dodson always knew that they were going to go to college together, but being teammates was always 100 percent a part of the plan.

“She’s (Lindsey) has always been more volleyball oriented,” said Lauren. “We were definitely a package deal for college though so we never planned on splitting up.”

Texas Tech became their school of choice though when Tony Graystone offered to add both of them to the roster.

Now, they’re inseparable, on and off the court.

“I haven’t lived a second apart from her,” Lauren said.

Not only do they spend time together at volleyball practice, but they have the same major, and all the same classes. That’s not a situation that’s unique to college either.

“We had every class period together for all four years (of high school),” said Lauren.

Lindsey was quick to add “I kinda dig it though.”

For most freshmen, adapting to college life is difficult, but having a sister to your side makes it easier for both of them.

“It’s nice to have someone going through the same thing,” Lauren said. “During the cardio circuit I just remember we just looked at each other and it was that look of ‘let’s go we got this’ and just having her there with me helped a lot.”

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