LUBBOCK, Texas — Texas Tech students were surprised following the suspension of Head men’s basketball coach, Mark Adams. Texas Tech released a statement explaining Adams would be suspended indefinitely for referencing a bible verse that mentions slaves.

Fernanda Coello, a senior at Texas Tech and avid basketball fan, said she and her friends loved Mark Adams and how he acted toward the community from the very beginning. 

“I think we all see Mark Adams as the grandpa of Texas Tech, we love him, we’ve all adored him for this these past couple of seasons and it was very surprising to see what went on and what was said I just didn’t expect it,” Coello said.

Kole Menendez, a freshman at Texas Tech, said as someone in touch with his faith and who supports the use of bible verses, this one may have not been used correctly or at the right time.

“I’m a Christian myself, I do love spreading the word of God, but I do think that he could have used a different verse or a different way to say things that mean times are different times are sensitive,” Menendez said. 

Some students are already wondering if this could be the end of the Mark Adams era at Texas Tech, hoping if they hire someone else, they will stick around for the long haul.

Brayden McCoy, a freshman at Texas Tech said if the school were to let Adams go, this would be the 3rd head coach they’ve had in two years, and replacing so many coaches within a certain amount of time may have an impact on the students.

“If we were to have to get a third coach, I understand why, but it’s nice to have some consistency and not have to be jumping around all the time,” McCoy said. 

“We’ve all bonded with Mark Adams, for example, like he’ll come out and talk to all of us and stuff, I think it’s just hard to keep that kind of tight-knit community when we keep having to bond with new coaches or connect with new teams,” Coelle said.

Multiple students referenced the relationship Joey McGuire has with Texas Tech students, saying that they just want that for all sports.

“I know the whole community really loved Mark Adams, and I think it’ll just have to be another one with Joey McGuire,” Taylor Bush. “He came in and he was hired, and he connected with the students right away and the fan base and now everyone loves him. So, I think it just has to be the right match for our school, our community, and everything.”

The Red Raiders ended their season with a 16-15 record and second to last in the conference.

They will travel to Kansas City to play in the Big 12 conference tournament Wednesday. Corey Williams will serve as interim head coach for the team.