LP&L prepares residents for scheduled outages during the big switch

The Big Switch to ERCOT

LUBBOCK, Texas– The big switch is set to take place Memorial Day weekend, which means around 83,000 customers can expect a brief outage when LP&L unplugs from the Southwest Power Pool and into the ERCOT grid.

“We are going to start on the Northeast side of the city and we are going to work substation by substation making this conversion” said Matt Rose with Lubbock Power and Light. “These two electrical grids that we have currently are separate but are completely spiderwebbed.”

What this means is random groups of people throughout the city will be affected at different times.

That is why LP&L has sent out postcards to the 80% of residents that will be affected with instructions on how to determine when their outage will take place.

“So we created a tool that’s on LP&L.com and they will plug in their meter number” said Rose. “and then it will tell you if you are going to be affected on either Saturday or Sunday and give you a 4 hour time window of when your 30 minute outage is going to take place.”

Before you head outside to locate your meter number, you can find it on the LP&L section of your bill starting with E-, followed by eight digits.

LP&L understands these circumstances aren’t ideal for anyone, but said it is necessary at this time.

“We will work as hard as we can to try to make this efficient and as quick as possible so folks can get on with their lives and we won’t impact them more than necessary,” said Rose.

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