Today:  Calm and sunny conditions will come into the forecast for today as we start with a cold morning and warm back up by the afternoon. The afternoon high will max out at 79° .

Tonight: Mostly clear skies will last into tonight with a light southerly breeze allowing a mild start to our Friday. Our evening low will drop down to 52°.

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny skies will last for our Friday fun day with warmer temperatures on the way. The afternoon high will reach 89°.

This morning will be our coldest morning all week with temperatures starting out in the lower 30’s and into the lower 40’s. This is because of a high pressure system that slipped into the South Plains last night and will continue to bring in clear skies and mild conditions through the day. Our dewpoints are extremely low today as some parts of the region are in the negatives. Being this critically dry is extremely dangerous and causes high probability for fires.

Highs this afternoon will make it into the upper 70’s and lower 80’s as a light southerly breeze pushes in warm air. We will continue to warm up for our Friday fun day with highs about ten degrees warmer than today and making into the 90’s in some of our southern counties.

A red flag warning will go into effect today at 1 PM and last until 8 PM because our relative humidity is low and our temperatures will be higher than yesterday. Because we are in an extreme and exceptional drought across the South Plains fire weather will stay in the forecast until we have some rainfall. We will be under an elevated fire weather danger today because we are so critically dry, so beware of anything that could start a fire or cause a spark.

A high pressure system came into West Texas last night leading to a cooler morning and much calmer winds. Highs today will make it into the upper 70’s and lower 80’s before we warm up by ten degrees for our Friday. A weak front will make its way across the South Plains by Saturday leading to a few clouds and highs in the lower 70’s. Easter Sunday will be beautiful with less wind and warm temperatures.

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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