Today: A cold front slid into the South Plains yesterday and will lead to cooler highs this afternoon. The afternoon high will stay just a few degrees below the seasonal average at 50° with sunny skies.

Tonight: The strong winter storm system that we have been talking about this week will slide in overnight and bring in a few isolated snow showers. The evening low will be frigid at 22°.

Tomorrow: Snowfall will affect your drive to work to tomorrow as ice starts to develop on the roads. Our temperatures will stay below the freezing mark which will lead to a bit of snow accumulation for our Wednesday The afternoon high will reach 22°.

A cold front slid across the South Plains yesterday and highs will stay about ten degrees cooler than our Monday. Sunshine and an easterly breeze will warm us up into the upper 40’s and lower 50’s. It’s treat yourself Tuesday, and we are getting a small treat by having mild conditions, before the Winter storm comes in by tomorrow morning.

The strong Winter storm we have been talking about this week is currently dumping snow over Denver, but will slide into Texas by the early hours of Wednesday morning. This will lead to snow showers on your commute to work and getting the kids to school ,so give yourself extra time to drive more slowly tomorrow. Most of the snow will be brought into Las Vegas and Amarillo, but we will get anywhere from a dusting to about an inch.

Models over the weekend were showing much higher chances for snow but as time moves on, we are seeing anywhere from half an inch to an inch of snowfall on more recent runs of the models. This Winter storm will bring in much colder air which will lead highs to stay below the freezing mark and that means that any snow that falls will stick to the streets. This has the likelihood of affecting your commute to work and school by tomorrow and could even bring some ice to the roads for Thursday morning as well.

A cold front slid into West Texas yesterday and highs will stay about ten degrees cooler than Monday as we reach the upper 40’s and lower 50’s this afternoon. A strong Winter storm system will continue to make its way across Texas by tomorrow and brings the chance for snowfall across our area. More recent model runs are showing less snow accumulation than we expected over the weekend. Currently it looks as if we will have anywhere from half and inch to a full inch of snow on the roads. Highs won’t be warming above the freezing mark which means the roads will be very slick with ice by Wednesday morning. This could affect your commute to work or school. On the other hand, this will be a one day event as we start to see another warm up through the rest of the week.

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