Today: Partly cloudy skies will last through our Monday with the chance for severe thunderstorms coming in later today. The afternoon high will rise to 93° .

Tonight: Isolated thunderstorms will move across West Texas through dinnertime and last overnight. The evening low will be 67°.

Tomorrow: Hot and dry conditions come back into the forecast for our Tuesday. Our afternoon high will be potentially record-breaking at 101°.

Gray skies and gloomy conditions are in the forecast for our Monday. Temperatures are starting off in the lower 60’s and into the lower 70’s. Clouds will stay in the forecast through the morning and try to break up through the afternoon. However, as the chance for severe thunderstorms pop-up through dinner time, the clouds will return to the South Plains.

We are under a slight risk for severe weather through the rest of the day due to the chance for some thunderstorms popping up off of the dry line. Most of these storms will pick up through dinner and last into tonight. Our dewpoints are already high this morning which will continue to make it feel sticky for the rest of the day, even as highs make it into the lower 90’s.

Thunderstorms and showers will start to pop-up in our western counties as early as 5:30 PM and make their way into Lubbock around 8:30 PM. Our NAM model has been the most correct for the severe weather events we have had so far this year, and it’s showing more widespread thunderstorms across West Texas. The NAM model is also showing the wettest data for rainfall accumulation with close to a quarter inch of rain sliding into Lubbock and Plainview tonight.

Today we will stay gloomy with moisture moving into the South Plains and the chance for severe thunderstorms moving in by dinner time. This system will cause showers to start popping up off of the dry line and will make its way across the South Plains through the evening. This will be our only day with the chance for rain in the next seven because tomorrow we will quickly dry out and warm up. Fire weather comes back into the forecast for our Tuesday with the triple digits returning to the area. This weekend will be much more pleasant with highs in the 80’s after a cold front comes through.

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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