Today: It’s Friday fun day and sunshine will quickly warm us up along with a southwesterly breeze. The afternoon high will max out at 95°.

Tonight: Mostly clear skies will last overnight and keep us cool before a warm breeze picks up again by tomorrow morning. Our evening low will drop down to 69°.

Tomorrow: Windy conditions will start to move in by tomorrow with passing clouds. Don’t let the clouds fool you, the afternoon high will make it to 102°.

It’s Friday fun day and if you are traveling across the the Lone Star State or into New Mexico we will have clear skies all day. This morning our temperatures are starting off in the mid 50’s and mid 60’s but we will quickly warm up into the mid 90’s by the afternoon.

A breeze from the southwest along with a high pressure system pushing in warm and dry air will warm us up about ten degrees compared to yesterday. Highs will make it into the mid 90’s before dinner time with the triple digits returning to the forecast by tomorrow. Breezy conditions will slide into West Texas tomorrow and stay that way through the rest of the week.

For our holiday weekend temperatures will max out in the upper 90’s and into the triple digits. We will have much windier conditions picking up tomorrow and Sunday with a breeze staying around for Memorial Day as well. It will be a great weekend to get outside as we return to the hot and windy days we are used to across the region.

After severe weather and rainfall made its way across the South Plains earlier this week, we will start to have hotter days ahead along with sunshine for our Friday. Tomorrow a few clouds will come into the forecast but it will still be our hottest day of the week as we make it into the triple digits. Make sure to stay hydrated, put on sunscreen, and limit your time outside due to the heat on the way. By the middle of next week rain chances come into the forecast with highs in the lower 80’s

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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