Today: Sunshine and warm air coming in from the southwest will quickly warm us up through the afternoon. The afternoon high will reach 98° with fire weather in the forecast.

Tonight: Clear skies will last overnight with the southwesterly breeze sticking around. The evening low will be mild at 65°.

Tomorrow: Tomorrow will start off with clear conditions until the evening when moisture moves in and thunderstorms pop-up by tomorrow night. The afternoon high will make it to 94°.

This morning temperature are starting off warm in the lower 70’s and into the lower 80’s in our eastern counties. A southwesterly breeze will push in through the rest of the day leading to highs in the upper 90’s and lower 100’s. It will be a sunny, hot, and windy Monday ahead before severe weather makes it way into the forecast for Tuesday night.

Record-breaking highs could make their way across the South Plains this afternoon due to a southwesterly breeze pushing in warm and dry air. A red flag warning goes into effect at 10 AM and will last until 10 PM tonight. This will be our hottest day for the next seven before severe weather comes in by tomorrow night and we could have a few splash and dash showers overnight on Wednesday as well.

Severe Weather comes into the forecast by tomorrow night with a slight chance across most of the South Plains. That is a level two out of five and the event seems to start as early as 8:30 PM and last into the early hours of Wednesday morning. This is likely to be a wind and hail event with localized flooding. Once this system moves out highs on Wednesday will still be in the upper 80’s with another chance for rain on Wednesday night.

Dry air is making its way into the South Plains this morning with a southwesterly breeze pushing in at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. This will lead to a hot, dry, and windy day with a red flag warning going into effect at 10 AM and lasting until 10 PM. Moisture tries to slip into West Texas by tomorrow evening and bring in the chance for some severe weather popping up on the dry line by tomorrow night. This is likely to be a wind, hail, and rain event through Wednesday morning. Another chance for rain comes after a mostly dry hump day and temperatures will stay in the 90’s all week long.

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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