LUBBOCK, Texas — KAMC Meteorologist Shelby Mac has today’s forecast. Sponsored by J Ferg Pros.

Today: Bundle up on your way out the door this morning with temperatures near freezing. Sunny skies will warm us through the afternoon with high temperatures near 67°.

Tonight: Mostly clear skies will last overnight with quick cooling once the sun goes down. Our evening low will be frigid at 35°.

Tomorrow: Warmer temperatures are on the way for our Tuesday as we stay just a few degrees above average for this time of year. Partly cloudy skies will come into the forecast with highs near 71°.

While the kids are off for the holiday its a great morning for cereal and cartoons or breakfast in bed! Temperatures will stay close to freezing for the next hour until the sun rises. We will start to see a warm up into the lower 40’s by 9 AM with sunny skies through the day. We will be about five degrees warmer than yesterday with a southwesterly breeze through the afternoon.

Highs this afternoon will reach the mid to upper 60’s with sunny skies. A high pressure system is settling over West Texas and will lead to warm and dry conditions for the first half of the week. A few clouds will slide into Tatum, Hobbs, and Seminole through the day but everyone will stay sunny. This will be one of our only days this week when we don’t see at least some widespread cloud cover.

A cold front will come into the area overnight on Wednesday and quickly drop our highs down for Turkey Day. Temperatures will max out in the lower 50’s with decreasing clouds through the day. This will be our coldest day of the week so I would grab a sweater for all of the Thanksgiving festivities. Temperatures will start to rise by ten degrees going into our Friday.

Temperatures this morning have started off near or below the freezing mark, however sunshine will warm us up through the day. We will have highs in the mid to upper 60’s. Temperatures will stay above our seasonal average for the first half of the week but a cold front will slide in overnight on Wednesday. This will lead to a chilly Thanksgiving with highs in the lower 50’s. Breezy conditions will last through the day so make sure to grab a sweater for your Thanksgiving gathering! Through the weekend temperatures will start to rise into the lower to mid 60’s which is more seasonal.

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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